Who we are

Our website address is: http://www.megaoptimus.com.

Megaoptimus.com is always committed to safeguard your privacy online. Megaoptimus.com always ensures that the information you are submitting to our website remains private. Kindly go through the following policy to exactly understand how your personal information is going to be treated. The following may change from time to time, so please make sure to regularly check these policies.

Collection of information and Use


Both employees as well as employers register in our website to attain their best objectives. During registration, users are required to provide their information such as name, contact details, mail ID and many more as per the requirement. In addition to that, there are many other kinds of information that the user may have to provide as per their individual requirement. Megaoptimus.com advises to give the required information for better processing of the request.

Collecting information:

In addition with the information that the user provides to our website, Megaoptimus.com also collects information pertaining to the use of the website by the users. There are passive information collected on the website such as browser you are using and which part of the website you are more focusing on. Megaoptimus.com collects the data to improve the user experience on the website. The entire data is collected and compiled and forwarded to the third parties content partners and advertisers.

Using Information:

Information that you provide to the Megaoptimus.com website helps us to render the best services depending on the geographical location and many other parameters. Megaoptimus.com also uses the information to customize the website for better experience. Testing and improvisation of the website is continuously done using the data collected from the users.

Contacting You:

Megaoptimus.com may use your contact details to send you e-mail or contact you over the phone regarding updates that you are interested in. the frequency of contacting may vary from time to time as per the availability of the service. The mode of contact can be through e-mail, call or newsletter delivery. In order to maintain the privacy of the users, Megaoptimus.com also provides them with options to opt out of the commercial e-mails or newsletters.

Acceptance of Terms to Privacy Policy:

Your use of Megaoptimus.com indicates acceptance of the terms included in the Privacy Policy. Megaoptimus.com always reserves the right to amend the Privacy Policy at any time.

Contact Us:

In case of any question related to the Privacy Policy or your other dealings, kindly please Contact Us.